My Top 5 Places to Read

There was a time when I used to do the majority of my reading in my bedroom or around the house, especially in the summer when most days are lazy and there’s no need to go anywhere. Now that I have a busier schedule and more locations to commute to, I find myself reading in all sorts of places. So far, these are my favorites:

1) College Campuses


Colleges/Universities are pretty much the perfect setting to perch and crack open a good book, and should you be granted pleasant weather and proximity to campus grounds, I highly recommend venturing out. You have your choice of laying out on an open quad on field where people interact and pass by all around you, or you can find a hidden outdoor nook(trust me, so man colleges have these) where you can have a little more privacy and still get some fresh air.

2) In the Rain


Yes, I said in the rain. And no, I don’t mean reading your book in your house against a window as rain delicately falls on your windowpane. This occurred to me one day when I went to the park to read. Everything was as it should be on a sunny day in the park, but then it began raining and suddenly everything, the singing birds, the buzzing insects, the murmur of park-goers, fell silent. All that was left was the sound of the rain, and it was extremely pleasant being outside while it poured, under an awning. I recommend trying it out, but don’t forget an umbrella!

3) In the Airport


A few weeks ago I was waiting in an airport for my flight to begin boarding when they announced that my flight was cancelled. I was then stuck in the airport for over twelve hours, so naturally I retrieved a novel from my backpack and leafed away. It was surprising pleasant, as I felt I was the only relaxed person in a hotbed of stress. And I really enjoyed being stationary and consumed in something, while those around me came and went, talked and slept. Just a heads up though, someone will 100% ask you to watch their stuff while they run to the restroom.

4) On the Metro


Reading while in motion has to be on of the most calming things in human existence. I prefer to do this on the metro because it is a great distraction from the other passengers and the general grime of the scene. I also find this to be slightly better than reading on airplanes, because I always end up nodding of to sleep while reading on a plane, but on a metro I have to stay somewhat alert to make sure I don’t miss my stop. It’s a kind of unique experience, and I definitely recommend it.

5) In the City


I absolutely adore reading in the city. There is just something about an urban setting that is unparalleled: the mass amount of people that pass by, the smell of grease from restaurants or gasoline from traffic, the sounds of horns honking and people conversing, and of course pigeonsIf you are one who likes reading with a sort of background noise, then I highly recommend going over to your nearest city square, if you have one, and going at a good book.

Honestly I’m still finding new fun and interesting places to read everyday, and it really is great to get out of the house and read. Never limit yourself to the comfort of your home.




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