Behind the Name

Have you ever imagined what your  ideal scenario would be? If you could be anywhere doing anything, what would it be and where? For me, I have always had this vision of laying out in a beautiful meadow while daydreaming or reading a novel with the perfect song gently playing in the background, and I always imagine myself in this scene and then freezing time in that perfect instant; that’s why my URL is day dream meadow. Whenever I find a photo or drawing that embodies this vision of mine, I keep it. Examples would be this one here of Alice, and the one on my homepage.

Pages in Bloom is the title of my blog because when I open a book and begin to read, it seems as if everything begins to bloom; the pages, the letters and words written in ink, and most importantly the imagination of the reader. I thought that maybe this blog could be the meadow for my opinions and written thoughts to bloom in the same way that my mind does when I read.

So welcome, to my meadow.